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We're getting you spotted!

It's Sunday and the end of the most amazing week...

We spent our first full week at our stunning office at Bridgwater Baptist Church and we can't tell you how special this has been! The sounds coming from the bands and church music, the amazing feeling of community (the church is all for the community and giving something back to Bridgwater and a range of start-ups in the town) and the friendships and client connections we've made already. Before opening our office here we'd only ever attended a wedding at this church, but I can see why it is fast becoming a central point for the Bridgwater community.

Now, back to business... Our highlights of the week have been receiving the most amazing home grown money plant from our dear friends, neighbours and clients at The Old Vicarage Hotel, Bridgwater and designing a doggy passport for their furry guests too!

We are so excited for next week already and we just cannot wait to see what it brings, but not before we take our very own spotty pooch (and inspiration behind our name) to his favourite place for the day - Brixham!

As promised, we've shared some pictures of our opening event at the office, well, some champagne and cake, but, also some stunning shots of our office and the beautiful building in which we are located.

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