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Pink chairs and sunset socials!

Wow, It's September the 4th already, where's the time going?

Fast here at Spots, as there is always something to do and people to see!

We've had an amazing couple of weeks since our last blog, we've had numerous meetings with our new and potential customers, who all love the new office and especially the waiting area with pink chairs (spot the spot) and we held our very first sunset social, which was focused on Threads.

Threads is the new text based app by Instagram that is set to rival Twitter, or X as it is now known. Threads is operated by Meta platforms and just recently, had over 100 million users sign up in just one week! It's new and it's upcoming but it's certainly making an impression and it is something we'd suggest considering when looking at your socials.

This coming week is a busy one for us and one that we are very excited for as it seems we are finally getting a taste of summer, the great British summer eh! Social snaps always look amazing in the natural sun light, so remember to make use of it and snap the last (or the start) of our summer sun whilst you can, whilst shining a light on your business or products!

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